Where You Should Go in Coral Gables FL When You Visit

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Where You Should Go in Coral Gables FL When You Visit

Posted By Jon Lee

Coral Gables is a beautiful location that you should consider visiting. If you are going to be traveling into Miami, this is a place you should go. It is south of Miami, directly across from the Miami Seaquarium. There are many fun things that you can do in the city once you arrive. Let’s go over some of these attractions that you may find interesting.

Outdoor Locations To Visit

Some of the outdoor vacation spots will include the Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden. This is one of the more pristine botanical gardens that you will ever visit. It has beautiful lake, incredible plant life, and is set up in a very unique way. There is the Venetian pool which you can visit, and there is also the Coral Gables House. You can also travel to the Coral Gables Museum. All of these things are within walking distance in most cases, and you will have no problem at all finding them as long as you have a cell phone that can guide you there.

How Long Should You Stay?

You should consider staying at least a few weeks if you really want to experience everything that is there. Many people recommend Coral Gables City Hall because of its unique appearance. There is also the Village of Merrick Park and the Miracle Mile. These are all places that will keep you busy for several days, but if you only have a few days that you are going to be spending here because you are primarily in Miami, these are some of the attractions that you should consider in Coral Gables.

One final thing to consider is when you are planning your trip, book everything on the web. Get everything at the same time including all of the tourist attractions that you have to purchase. This will help you save a lot of money, and once you have everything purchased and you are ready to go, you will have no worries about your trip to beautiful Coral Gables.

Written by Jon Lee